Estate Planning & Related Litigation

Dolan and Dolan, P.A. has extensive and substantial experience in estate planning, estate administration and settlement, and estate litigation.

While working with individuals in the planning, administration and settlement of their Estates and Trusts, we are frequently retained by the Trust Departments of a number of financial institutions to assist them and their customers with these same functions.

We often serve as counsel to banks, fiduciaries, beneficiaries and other litigants – when lawsuits are involved – or when other issues need to be resolved by common sense and civil discussion. We have served as counsel to some of these banks, and their predecessors, for more than 50 years and, in a few instances, even longer.

Eileen McCarthy Born

Eileen McCarthy Born

Specializing in the Practice of:
Lake Associations
Non-Profit Organizations
Estate Planning and Related Litigation

Robert T. Morgenstern

Robert T. Morgenstern

Specializing in the Practice of:
Wills, Trusts and Estates
General Litigation
Personal Injury Litigation
Zoning, Planning and Land Use

Richard V. Hollyer


Specializing in the Practice of:
Business and Transactional Law
Estate Planning and Administration
Estate Litigation

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