Personal Injury during Quarantine Uncertainty

Personal Injury During Quarantine Uncertainty

The majority of us have been sheltering in place for months. We have endured unprecedented stress and perhaps, even loss. As our state begins to reopen, we emerge from quarantine uncertain of what’s to come and saddled with concerns. With increased travel and mobility comes increased risk for injury. Further complicating this threat is our “new normal” where medical treatment, insurance claims and court proceedings are now far more complicated to navigate. This causes fear, doubt and frustration for those who are suffering and in need of answers.

Now, more than ever, we must rely on our experienced professionals to guide us through these unfamiliar times, while keeping succinct pace with constantly developing changes to our laws and procedures in personal injury cases. 

Robert T. Morgenstern is a litigation attorney with over 40 years of experience and expertise in Personal Injury Law. He is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court. In this past year, he earned his clients over $4.5 million dollars in compensation. His cases have included:

a. Nursing Home Neglect Death

b. Wrongful Death

c. Traumatic Brain Injury

d. Electrocution

e. Slip and Fall

f. Dog Bite

g. Tractor Accident 

h. Bodily Injury 

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